My name is Radosław and I'm Front-End Developer writing apps in Vue.js 2.

My journey with the Internet had been started with YouTube. In 2012, I became a host of my popular science and entertainment program 90.seconds. Today, I create stories on my blog

In 2014, I became a freelance web developer. Just after quitting my first job, I started to build websites on WordPress and design elements of CI, event posters or small graphic designs.

One year later, I started to work as Video Content Specialist in a marketing agency (which was natural move forward, as my movie producing skill became quite good). Young, a little afraid of advertisement world, but ambitious and consistent - after 13 months on this position, I gathered 168 000 followers on Vine Channel of Online Cooking Magazine Codogara and I produced a dozen of short movie clips on Instagram's Channel of Electrolux Poland.

After that, I just stop filming... but the world of code has begun to remind about itself.

A few weeks later, I had decided to return being a web developer - on exactly 01 April of 2016 I entered into the eCommerce world: the world of auction sites, online stores, storage management apps and a lot of challenges on either browsers or server side.

On the beginning of 2018, after gaining experience in dozens of projects for companies from different industries and hundreds of hours of work with customers, the Front-End Development became the most important part of my professional career, with which I am trying to make the Internet the better place.

Also, I like good coffee, video games, and cooking.